How We Serve Together

The Church of the Brethren also places an emphasis on service following the belief that we must act out Jesus’ love in our daily lives. We believe following Jesus means following his example of serving others, healing the broken, and bringing new life and hope to the despairing. We take seriously Jesus’ call to love all people, including the “enemy.”

This is embodied through small acts of daily service and through the founding of larger organizations.

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Blanket Sunday 2015

MCOB supports local ministries and service organizations in a variety of ways.

This includes organizing service days for the youth, giving to local and national charities, and opening the church building for use by support groups in the area.

With individual church members organizing efforts to serve in their own neighborhoods, it is difficult to list all of the ministries that MCOB supports, but here are some of our partners in ministry.

The Brethren founded the national organizations Brethren Volunteer Service, Heifer Project, SERRV International, and Church World Service.

Individual churches generally have service projects in their area. For Manassas Church of the Brethren, this includes SERVE (with Northern Virginia Family Services).



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